Welcome to My World...

Dr. Death, by Robert Bonfils

Dr. Death, by Robert Bonfils

BEFORE you enter my domain, take warning . . . there's nothing usual here. My world is my scrapbook. These are the personal fragments of my life as I have preserved them and as I can remember or document them. I have had enormous amounts of help from other people getting this far, and depend on your help as well.

All the contents of this domain are transitory, rough draft, and in-progress continuously, as I work toward my ultimate goal. They are also protected by Copyright, 2001 by Earl Kemp, all rights reserved. In the meantime, feel free to wander around; only please do keep a sharp lookout for the construction workers.

I realize that there are things that upset and offend almost everyone, and those things vary considerably. What I need to impress upon anyone venturing inside this domain is that, while the contents are best understood by reasonable adults who have shared similar experiences, I am truly sorry if anything you encounter bothers you. That was not my intent in remembering my life the way I do.

I hope you find things to enjoy while you roam around. Please come back again and see how the construction work is coming along.

Thanks for your time and interest.

--Earl Kemp

Copenhagen Photo by Terry Kemp

This is the way I like to see myself when I look into a mirror but don't. In the picture I am comfortable, relaxed, and at home in Copenhagen. Photo by
Terry Kemp dated April 1970.

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